Patterned Carpet

Add unique style to your space with a patterned carpet

Quality Patterned Carpet

If you’re looking for quality carpet, be sure to visit the experts at Barry Neal Carpets in Altamonte Springs. We offer one of the area’s best selections of carpets, including various styles of patterned carpet. What is patterned carpet?

As the name implies, patterned carpets are noted for their unique surface patterns. These patterns can be simple or intricate, and they can be colorful or plain. Patterned carpets contrast flatly with traditional carpets, which have uniform surfaces. With so many design options available, pattern carpets can pretty much accommodate any home setting you have in mind.

Where Should Patterned Carpet Be Used?

Like all carpet options, pattern carpets are suitable for bedrooms, family rooms, and any other areas without significant moisture. And, there are even extra-durable options that can handle commercial settings. Nonetheless, there are some important factors to consider when choosing a patterned carpet. For example, patterned carpets are more popular in smaller areas such as bedrooms because they can make these areas seem larger. Also, you’ll need to make sure that your new patterned carpet fits well with any furniture, wall coverings, and window treatments.

Patterned carpets, because they offer unique styles, are perfect for area rugs. In fact, we can cut any patterned carpet into an area rug that can be layered over a hardwood floor. Visit our area rugs page to learn more about our rug selection.

Our Patterned Carpet Selection

We have quality patterned carpets from Kane Carpet and Stanton Carpet. Kane offers one of the industry’s largest selections of patterned carpets, including styles such as Grand Dunes and Murcia (pictured below). Stanton, too, offers a wide selection of pattern carpets that are considered design-focused.

Please visit our Altamonte Springs showroom to check out our selection of patterned carpets!

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