Mannington Adura Max

High-quality waterproof flooring that's available in wood and stone looks

Mannington Waterproof Flooring

Barry Neal Carpets in Altamonte Springs, FL is home to a great selection of waterproof flooring options, including Mannington Adura Max. Adura Max, which is considered a luxury vinyl floor, combines water resistance with real wood and stone looks.

Adura Max is part of the new WPC flooring category because it has a special core layer. Adura’s core, which is called the HydroLoc core, is totally waterproof, so Adura planks and tiles will never expand when exposed to moisture. Also, because of the strong core, Adura Max can withstand heavy foot traffic and other potential impacts. As a result, it can be installed in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and other areas where premium durability is necessary.

What’s also great about the HydroLoc core is that makes Adura planks and tiles much more rigid than traditional vinyl flooring. This not only makes the planks and tiles more durable; it makes them look and feel more like hardwood and stone as well.

In addition, Adura Max has a strong top layer that features Mannington’s own ScratchResist technology. The surface will not scratch or scuff under any circumstances, even if the floor is installed in a home that busy with children and pets. Furthermore, for extra comfort underfoot, Adura Max has an ultra-quiet pad. The ultra-quiet pad, as you can infer from its name, can muffle noisy foot traffic as well.

Mannington Adura Max is available in vinyl planks and tiles. The vinyl planks are 6”x48”, and they are available in a variety of wood looks. The vinyl tiles, which are called Adura Max rectangles, are in 12”x24”, and they look like real ceramic or natural stone.

Mannington Adura Altamonte Springs, FL